Chevrolet Performance just released new products for the new 2020 catalog. These items are available to purchase from our warehouse immediately.

new sp383 efi for 2020 chevrolet performance catalog

SP383 EFI Turn-Key

The all-new SP383 EFI engine packs modern tech into a package that can be installed in applications where 265-400ci small block Chevy engines were originally used. This complete engine is assembled with premium quality parts including the Fast Burn CNC-machined aluminum cylinder heads and MPFI system. It also packs a single plane intake manifold designed for use with raised intake ports and Vortec style intake bolt pattern. You can blend big torque of the long-stroke 383 with the ease of electronic fuel injection. This crate engine comes ready to install with a turn-key variant and the modifiable deluxe variant.

19370163 ls364 450 ls series

LS364/450 LS

Among these are the LS364/450 long block assembly, crafted for budget-minded builders looking for a strong base from which to swap their LS project. It utilizes the best of Gen II and Gen IV LS parts, including the LS3 cylinder heads and high-lift LS6 camshaft. According to official Chevy Performance testing, it comes in with 452 horsepower and 441 lb./ft of torque. We can get this shipped free to you for the lowest possible price we can sell it to you for $4,293.00. Be sure to check out the product page here.

Chevrolet Performance CT525 6.2L Crate Engine

CT525 Circle Track

Also newly available is the CT525 Circle Track Engine with Forged Piston. This is a ground-up build assembled using forged pistons and premium components. It is based on the Gen IV LS architecture and is a high revving engine with ARP rod-bolts for extra strength. This engine comes out with 533hp and 477 lb./ft torque at 5,200 RPM. We’ve got that listed right here. 

supermatic 6l80e automatic transmission

Supermatic 6L80-E

There’s also a new transmission available, the Supermatic 6L80-E.  It’s for an LS-style engine using a Chevy Performance engine control system. This transmission puts out a high torque raitng of 650 lb./ft torque, and a 45 percent increase over the regular production six-speed transmission! You can get this transmission with a 2,400-stall torque converter, and one that includes a 3,000-stall torque converter.


Be sure to check out the official Chevrolet Performance 2020 catalog here, or fill out our contact form if you have any questions! We will have the official printed ones in stock soon.