The ultimate GM aluminum LS block, the C5R was originally designed for Chevrolet’s factory-backed Corvette Racing program. It was developed to support more than 440 cubic inches and up to 900 horsepower – and has proven itself by powering Corvette team to endurance racing wins. This is a non-production, purpose-built cylinder block manufactured with proprietary materials and machined to the highest tolerances – and using premium, racing-spec hardware. If you’re looking for the ultimate aluminum cylinder block to support your horse-power desires, the race-proven C5R is it!

  • Premium “hipped” and X-rayed 356-T6M aluminum-alloy block casting
  • 9.240” deck height
  • Production-style oiling system
  • 6-bolt dowel-located steel main bearing caps
  • 4340 premium main cap fasteners
  • For use with any LS-or LSX-series head
  • Unique cylinder liner material for maximum durability
  • Siamesed cylinders to support larger bores
  • 4.117” finished bore
  • 4.160” maximum bore
  • Fully blueprinted and squared
  • Production camshaft location and cam bores
  • Includes premium head studs
  • Anodized aluminum O-ring core plugs.
  • No Active Fuel Management provisions