Chevrolet Performance – 6 Speed (6L80) Transmission w/2400K stall converter

The all-new 6 speed 6L80 transmission and ancillary components for the 2020 Chevrolet Performance catalog. This transmission is for an LS style crate engine using a Chevrolet Performance engine control system. This includes the LS3, LS376-480, LS376-525, LS7, and LSA. It will not function with an LT style engine control system.


  • Only for LS-based Chevy Performance crate engines control systems
  • Plug-n-Play with Chevy Performance LS engine control systems wire harness
  • 2 torque converter options – 2400K & 3000K
  • Supermatic upgrades validated to 650 lb-ft of torque capability
  • Cooler line adapter with -6AN fittings installed
  • Normal and Sport mode shift calibrations pre-programmed
  • Software thumb drive and laptop interface cable included
  • Harness includes optional connections for:
    • Paddle shift
    • Tap up/tap down
    • CAN gage driver
    • Additional features/functions
  • Production vent tube included
  • Gear ratios:
    • 1st 4.027
    • 2nd 2.364
    • 3rd 1.532
    • 4th 1.152
    • 5th 0.852
    • 6th 0.667

OPTIONAL – Shallow oil pan (19418242) with “fill to spill” eliminates the need for a dip stick.