The LS3 is the power behind the Chevy Camaro SS. It’s rated at 430 hp in this new Connect & Cruise kit, offering the lightweight advantage of an aluminum cylinder block, aluminum heads and a composite intake manifold over cast iron engines in early cars. It’s backed by the 4L65-E four-speed overdrive automatic, which enables great highway cruising performance and fuel economy with the durability of hardened internal parts and five-pinion gearsets. E-Rod package is also available.

Each Connect & Cruise kit delivers a brand-new, fully assembled crate engine, an electronically controlled overdrive transmission, electronic control modules for both and the engine control hardware to get it all running in your project vehicle – including the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensors and even the special throttle pedal for the engines’ electronic throttle bodies.
Chevrolet Performance engineers matched the engines with their respective transmission, ensuring it was up to the task of channeling big power with absolute dependability. The engine controller is specially calibrated to run the engine without some of the production-vehicle features that aren’t required in an older vehicle. That means no “trouble” codes and no need for third-party tuning. Better still, the systems’ unique SuperMatic transmission controller is designed to work with the engine controller for a seamless, “plug and play” installation that is quick, easy and intuitive. Detailed instructions outline all the necessary steps.

Connect & Cruise System Components:
Part Number: Connect & Cruise CPSLS34L65E
Engine: 19370416 previously 19301326
Engine Control System: 19354328
Transmission: 19368611
Torque Converter: 19299802
Transmission Control System: 19302405
Flywheel Kit: N/A
Transmission Installation Kit: 19259117
Engine Specifications
LS3 6.2L (376 cu in)
430 hp @ 5,900 rpm
424 lb.-ft. @ 4,600 rpm
10.7:1 compression ratio
Transmission Specifications 2WD
4L65-E four-speed automatic
Five-pinion gearsets
3.06 first gear ratio, 0.70 overdrive ratio
30-3/4 inches long (approx.)
This is a Chevrolet Performance product.